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Comprehensive Evaluation of Sleep and Obesity related disorders


Sleep Obesity 

The impact of sleep disorders on a person's general health is becoming more evident. We at AKJ Chest Clinic utilize a range of diagnostic tests to evaluate and treat a variety of sleep problems. Typically, patients suffer from sleep apnea, weakened breathing muscles, asthma symptoms that worsen during sleep or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Patients with sleep-disordered breathing are treated with a wide range of therapies. Non-invasive ventilatory support, including nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), is employed on a case-by-case basis. Other therapeutic options may include oxygen, weight control/reduction, and/or timing of medication. Physicians are also skilled in performing sleep apnea surgery, including uvulopalatopharyngoplasty - the surgical resection of excessive tissue in the back of the throat.


Obesity Disorders


The AKJ Chest Clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology to define the metabolic status of patients who suffer from obesity. Excess weight can seriously compromise cardiopulmonary function. Metabolic tests can assess a patient's calorie requirements and fuel oxidation patterns. With this information, the AKJ Chest Clinic team can determine appropriate treatment, including nutritional therapy.


Cardiopulmonary fitness tests are also part of the diagnostic services available at The AKJ Chest Clinic. Patients with occupational lung disease, asthma and other respiratory problems can undergo exercise testing to evaluate their cardiopulmonary physiology.

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Comprehensive Evaluation of Sleep and Obesity related disorders
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