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Bronchoscopy - Fibreoptic and Rigid Bronchoscopy. Both Paediatric & Adult Studies


Both Paediatric & Adult Studies


Bronchoscopy is an examination of the larynx and tracheobronchial tree using Fibre - optic Bronchoscope. The first bronchoscope ever used was the rigid bronchoscope. The other kind, which has been around for about thirty years now, is the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope. Early use of this instrument was mainly for the retrieval of foreign bodies and extraction of tumors from the airways. Present uses include diagnostic and therapeutic tasks. Bronchoscopy offers the chance to examine from the inside the tracheobronchial tree in living patients while keeping the procedure non-invasive.


Rigid Bronchoscopy


The rigid bronchoscope offers better visualization, treatment of massive hemoptysis (bloody expectorant), dilation of the tracheobronchial passages, and removal of foreign bodies. When laser procedures are performed, this type of bronchoscope is used. With a rigid bronchoscope, a patient has more reliable ventilation when it is necessary to move a large obstructing tissue mass to make an airway. Nowadays this instrument is used mostly in the paediatric age group for removal of foreign bodies from the airpassages. Most times this instrument complements the fibre-optic bronchoscopy.

A K J Chest clinic offers paediatric bronchoscopy facilities. This is being done for the last 10-12 years with all the necessary equipment. One of the few centres which can claim to have an optical forceps with video facility. Apart from the advantage of recording facility, it improves the image quality thereby enhancing the vision. With the available equipment , now its possible to do bronchoscopy in all age groups starting from Neonates( less than a week old babies) to geriatric age groups.


Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy


This instrument is primary used for diagnostic studies but in recent times with the advancements in technology this has become an instrument f choice for therapeutic work also. In cases of undiagnosed cough and obscure nature of the shdow in the lung this is invaluable for diagnosis. This instrument is used to examine the inside of the lung visually and to obtain biopsy material from the lung. The material thus obtained is subjected to microbiological studies like culture etc and Histopathological examination to arrive at a diagnosis.



Various Treatment modalities using FOB


Laser Therapy

The laser can also be used to manage local airway lesions. The laser has two major uses for patients with endobronchial lesions, photoradiating early carcinoma and photoresecting benign or malignant lesions obstructing the trachea or mainstem bronchi. Laser treatments provide immediate tissue removal and improved ventilation, and they can be repeated in cases of recurrence of the tumor. Presently is not available and expected in the future.


Stent Placemen

Airway stents are used to maintain the airway lumen. There is wide variation in stent construction and design. Stents are not always easily inserted and positioned, therefore a skilled bronchoscopist is required. This facility is being provided in this clinic.

Stents in the airpassages are used to the airways open if they are obstructed to some disease. This could in cases of lung cancer or infections or injuries to the main airways. A stent is a hollow tube made out of plastic or wire mesh to support the airways. A very skilled job. Presently, this clinic is the only one with experience in this particular modality.

The results of this procedure are good when the obstructing process is benign. With malignancy, however, success is highly dependent on the extent of the disease. In general, airway stenting is preferred for extrinsic airway compression, not amenable to laser therapy. Two main types of stents are available, a wire mesh expandable stent (of which there are various types) and an expandable silicon stent.

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Bronchoscopy - Fibreoptic and Rigid Bronchoscopy. Both Paediatric & Adult Studies
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